The Feminist Art Collective Toronto is a grassroots, not-for-profit, volunteered-based organization.  While we actively seek and engage in a variety of partnerships, FAC functions as an independent base, not specifically affiliated with any corporation, university or non-governmental organization.

All planning for any FAC related activities and events happens through a general committee made up of a diverse group of academics, writers, artists, administrators, students, activists and parents.  FAC embraces an intersectional and collaborative practice of feminist politics and reflects a committee of like-minded individuals. Participation in FAC organizing is done on a volunteer-basis, with tasks taken up by members with either related experience or interest in developing a new skill.

The FAC committee holds a general meeting once a month, with sub-committee meetings as required for event planning. We organize our yearly programming under the following principles:

  • We function as a not for profit organization committed to the support, collaboration and networking of feminist artists

  • We commit to actively seeking both partnerships and submissions to the programming with a diversity of artists and volunteers by researching and reaching out to variety of communities

  • Programming planning is a non-hierarchical format wherein panels and issues are decided by artist submissions rather than imposed from the Committee

  • The committee and its programming seeks and remains open to critique and thoughtful consideration of how we organize and what we have presented in a commitment to the evolution of our feminist practice

FAC audience.jpg
  • The committee remains active in negotiating our roles as organizers in considering when we take the lead and when we step back and provide a supportive role in our artistic partnerships

  • The collective is committed to being a site of support and diversity for feminist artists

  • FAC activities are committed to providing accessibility in terms of language, politics and differing abilities